Cardano Staking Pools



Our goal is to inspire and empower children by implementing a mindfulness program in all 4,300 Boys and Girls Club of America locations.  One of our stake pool founders, Mike Rudnicki, founded his unique mindfulness program in 2018 and currently teaches it weekly at the Boys and Girls Club of South Orange County.  


We plan to take a portion of our stake pool profits to subsidize, train and support rolling out the same program to all 4,300 locations.  Help us inspire and empower children by joining our stake pool today.


Our staking node is now fully operational and minting blocks, so we are expecting to make our first donation in early May.  We'll post more details soon.


As we begin making donations to the Boys and Girls Club, or any other organization, we will share those donations here.  Our first two donations (to the Boys and Girls Clubs in San Clemente and Laguna Beach, CA) are just going through the final approval process.  We will be providing them with a set of books to help teach mindfulness, a set of sound bowls and other vibrational instruments, and training for one of their volunteers.


Professional, cloud-based hosting.  24x7 monitoring.  Multi-relay configuration for maximum uptime.    


We are a team of 3 people who are dedicated to mindfulness and helping others.  Our team consists of two CEOs of small companies and a lead innovator from a financial services firm.  Collectively we are bringing our personal and professional knowledge and abundance to bear in an effort to help those who need it. 

We are proud to be trusted by the Cardano Foundation, which has staked 15M ADA with us as part of their effort to help grow independent stake pools.